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2021 has continued to be a tough year in the We Five family. Pete Fullerton has joined his musical brothers, Jerry Burgan and Tholow Chan in the next life. We take hope in knowing that they are now making heavenly music with Michael Stewart, Bob Jones, and John Chambers who had already gone before them.

Peter was a dear friend. We met when I was nineteen and he was seventeen. He had the most angelic voice I have ever heard. We sang, traveled, laughed, and cried together many times. He was so funny and care-free. We spent so many hours making music, recording, and performing all around the United States. He will always have a warm place in my heart, as well as his wife Susie and his children. - Debbie Burgan

Pete Fullerton Obituary


Over the years We Five has continued to play a variety of venues include performing arts centers, corporate events, fund raisers, television, and concert clubs such as:

Hollywood Bowl Sunrise Service

Greek Theater (KRTH Legends Concert)

University of San Francisco 150th Anniversary

Pearson Park Amphitheater

Ramona Bowl

Gardiner Springs Auditorium

Laguna Woods Auditorium

Laughlin Casino

Bonita Center for the Performing Arts

FBC Concerts Auditorium

Candlelight Pavilion Theater

Acoustic Music of San Diego

LookOut Pass Ski Resort

Alzheimers Association of Santa Barbara

Backstage L.A.

Coffee Gallery Backstage

The Fret House