We Five Folk Rock Revival:

The Line up:

Jerry Burgan plays guitar, banjo, sings, and arranges much of the band's music. Known as "The Keeper Of The Flame," he is the only member of the band to have been on every album from 1965 to the present. He began playing with Michael Stewart after 8th grade when Mike’s brother, John Stewart of the Kingston Trio, gave him a banjo. Their first attempt lasted all afternoon and they learned Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd and Darlin’ Corey. When blistered fingertips and hoarse voices no longer fazed them, the Ridgerunners were soon born.  The group tried various members and became quite well known in the coffee houses of Southern California prior to evolving into what would become We Five. Under the tutelage of John, Jerry began writing songs with Michael while in high school.  In addition to having many of his songs recorded by We Five over the years, he has written and arranged television and radio commercials, corporate presentations, musicals, children’s songs, gospel, and contemporary praise songs. The title song from “Take Each Day As It Comes” was written by Jerry and used by KCBS and KNX FM, Los Angeles for station ID’s and as a theme song in the early 70's. In addition, he worked as a vocal director with the New Fangled Dixie Corps at Disneyland, and was an arranger and guitarist on the Cabin Fever project for Debbie that was recorded at A&M in 1976.

Debbie Burgan Debbie (Graf) Burgan: recorded her first album at age 14. Several singing groups later, she became the female vocalist for the Los Angeles based folk group "The Lengendaires" with Jeff Tonkin and Michael Alley.  They were one of the hottest folk groups in the L.A. San Gabriel Valley (winning the 1965 Hollywood Bowl Battle of the Bands "Vocal Division").  The L.A. Times  described their sound as "folk rock" and hailed them as "fast becoming one of the entertainment industry's hottest new performers." At the request of President Johnson and former President Eisenhower, they performed at the People to People Fiesta at the New York World's Fair, then appeared on the Art Linkletter Show, Hollywood Talent Scouts, and Regis Philbin Show, (in addition to performing on many other local television programs and at folk clubs in the Los Angeles area). The Lengendaires were one of the first groups to appear in music videos produced by the Debbie Reynolds Production Company.  The videos were played on a machine similar to a juke box, called the Scopitone, and could be found all around the United States. The Legendaires eventually signed a recording contract with Mercury Records, and began recording with Mike Curb (later to become California's Lieutenant Governor). Through Jeff Tonkin, Debbie met future husband Jerry Burgan who was in another popular folk group "The Ridgerunners."  When the Ridgerunners signed to record for A&M Records, they changed their name to We Five and moved to San Francisco.  Soon after, Debbie put her own recording career on hold; and, moved to the bay area to marry Jerry. Debbie began arranging music and singing with Mike Stewart and Jerry in 1964 (when Beverly Bivens was unable to perform, or rehearse) while still working with The Legendaires.  She officially joined WE FIVE as the lead singer in 1968 and can be heard on four albums: Return of We Five, Catch the Wind, Take Each Day As It Comes and the Folk Rock Revival Sampler

Bob Jones joined the pre WE FIVE Ridgerunners shortly after meeting Mike and Jerry at the University of San Francisco in 1963. His electric 6 and 12 string guitar work is one of the signature sounds of the "You Were On My Mind" and "Make Someone Happy" albums. In addition, Bob recorded five albums with Michael Bloomfield on which he played drums, guitar and sang. They also toured the United States and Canada for ten years including playing the Newport Jazz Festival.

Terry Rangno came to WE FIVE after a career as a child actor which included appearances in numerous major motion pictures including “Somebody Up There Likes Me” “Anything Goes” “Because They’re Young” “The Long Hot Summer” as well as many others. Terry also enjoyed a long career as a television actor with appearances in “Maveric” “Warner Brothers Presents” “Lassie” “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” “The Loretta Young Show” “The Red Skelton Show” “77 Sunset Strip and The Desilu Playhouse”. He is a fantastic bass player, vocalist, keyboardist and audio engineer.  

Chris Burgan (Jerry and Debbie’s son) grew up surrounded by the music of WE FIVE   He began appearing in concerts with the band in 1989 then became the group’s newest full time member shortly before the 1998 K-Earth 101 Legends of Rock ‘n Roll  concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. A noted His lead guitar work, drumming and vocals adds a dynamic to the music that is both traditional and contemporary.

Jimmy Dunn: A consumate pianist and keyboardist, Jimmy has played for years in spin off projects with Jerry, Debbie and Chris. With more than 40 years of musical experience, Jimmy Dunn is a renowned jazz artist and film composer who has toured with Paul Robie and the World Famous Platters, Waylon Jennings, the We Five, Diamonds, and more. Jimmy's original music has been published for TV pilots, video games, and several soundtracks for films. Jimmy received his start at Sound House Recording Studios in Hollywood.

Tom Murry: came to We Five after playing as a band member with hit makers Meredith Brookes and Paul O’Toole (Young Dubliners) in STAND. Schooled in various styles including rock, alternative, R&B, blues, pop and world music, Tom brings with his drumming an abundance of charm, experience, and professionalism

1964 - 1966 Line Up:
Michael Stewart: April 19, 1945 - November 13, 2002
We Five Co-Founder Michael Stewart was truly a genius. Michael was the definition of forward thinking. Although his accomplishments are too many to list, it is undeniable that nearly everyone who has participated in, or enjoyed music from 1963 through today has been touched in some way by his vision. Aside from We Five, some of Michael’s key music industry contributions include being one of the top album producers of the 1970’s (specifically shaping and producing a jewel in the rough named Billy Joel), creating the ground breaking midi software “The Human Clock” in the early 1980’s, and ultimately writing groundbreaking digital recording software for DigiDesign (the maker of ProTools). However, none of Michael’s accomplishments have been more significant than that of being a loving husband, proud father, and cherished friend. He was a great man that is deeply missed within the We Five family, and all around the music industry.

Jerry Burgan: See Above

Bob Jones: See Above

Beverly Bivens: shot to stardom with We Five in 1965.  The liner note bios of You Were On My Mind reads that "Bev's unusual brilliance and vocal range is the basis of our sound."  That statement still rings loudly almost 40 years later.  Her voice continues to provide the soundtrack to countless people's lives hundreds of times a day across the country. Think of all the times you have turned on the car radio to hear the trademark drum intro followed by Bev's voice singing "when I woke up this mornin'..." It is instantly recognizable; and, just as powerful today as it was the first time it aired. Beverly began singing with Michael and Jerry as a member of The Ridgerunners / Michael Stewart Quintet in 1964.  It wasn't long after joining the band that Frank Werber booked them to play the Hungry i in San Francisco.  That night the band's name was changed to We Five, and the rest is rock and roll history. When the original group disbanded in 1967, rumors began to circulate that Beverly had been killed in a car crash... or something to that degree.  Fortunately, these rumors are not true. Actually, Beverly turned her back on stardom to marry jazz musician Fred Marshall (who knew the band by his association with San Francisco pianist Vince Guaraldi), explore experimental music, and become a mom.  For a while she sang with Fred's band Light Sound Dimension creating improvised vocal sounds years before it was "popularized" by the likes of Yoko Ono. Although she no longer pursues a singing career, her legacy lives on.  Her son Joshi is a skilled musician in his own right; and, we are happily reminded by the first two We Five albums of the splendid three years she spent with the band.

Peter Fullerton: was an early, and regular sit in with The Ridgerunners.  As the final piece of the We Five puzzle, Peter played a vital part of what would become the We Five sound.  He helped provide the bridge between folk music (with a stand up bass) and folk rock (electric bass and drums). 
When the first phase of We Five disbanded in 1967, Pete and Jerry decided to stay true to the ideals of their sound and began a group with Jerry's wife Debbie.  They called themselves the Tricycle. However, when A&M Records heard their sound, they encouraged Jerry, Peter, and Debbie to acquire the We Five name from the other original members.  The result in 1968 was The Return Of We Five.  In 1969 they teamed up again with Mike Stewart to produce the Catch The Wind album. When Pete left the group in 1970, he became deeply involved with the San Jose based charity organization "Truck of Love" (which he now heads).  They are a dedicated group of individuals who work with the homeless and needy.

John Chambers: toured with We Five from 1965-67.  In addition, he played with such blues greats as Big Mama Thornton and Big Joe Turner as well as such popular local San Francisco rock groups as The Loading Zone, and The Elvin Bishop Group.

1967 - 1970 Line Up:
Jerry Burgan: See Above

Debbie Burgan: See Above

Peter Fullerton: See Above

Mick Gillespie: Drums and backing vocals

1971 - 1977 Line up:

Jerry Burgan: See Above

Debbie Burgan: See Above

Terry Rangno: See Above

Ray Scantlin: added electric keyboards to the group in 1967. The sound and the range of material performed by WE FIVE flourished with Ray's talents.  Ray was a classically trained pianist and composer, working as a songwriter in Hollywood when he first joined the band. He has also written screenplays and film scores.

Mike Lewis: Keyboards and arrangements

Dennis Wood: Drums

1978 - 1989 Line up: Primarily The Burgans with occasional We Five (Long Beach State University and Disneyland Reunion Concerts, 1982):

Jerry Burgan: See Above

Debbie Burgan: See Above

Michael Stewart: See Above

Tholow Chan: Tholow was born in Sacramento, California.  As a boy he played Clarinet in the Junior High & California National Guard Army Bands. During that time he traveled on two National Tours with Youth Group, as well as performing with The Northern California DeMolay Show and Band. After high school he began performing in local folk groups in the Sacramento area. He formed Aerial Landscape (Forth & Main) while still in Sacramento, and then moved to Los Angeles. They signed with RCA and released two singles. During that time, Tholow also worked and recorded with Randy Sparks (Founder/Leader of The New Christy Minstrels).  He was a member of The Back Porch Majority in concerts, Allen Ludden’s Gallery, played on several TV Variety Shows, TV Specials and a Here’s Lucy Show. In the late 60's and early 70's Tholow was known in the Los Angeles area as one of "The" folk bassists.  He was the house bassist at the Ice House (when it still had folk music), and was a very familiar face to those who frequented the L.A. scene. In the mid 1970's he began working and recording with The Burgan's & We Five.  Over the next few years they toured tirelessly as a trio with The Burgan's, and played occasional reunion and benefit concerts as We Five. In addition, he has worked and recorded with other various artists including Malvina Reynolds, Belland & Somerville, Kin Vassy, Maffit & Davies, Fats Johnson, Tim Morgon, The Road Dogs, Stone Country, and The Limeliters. It's not uncommon to still see Tholow perform various events with Debbie and Jerry.  He is a great friend; and, a kinder man would be hard to find.

Chris Burgan: See Above

Additional Players:  Tim Jones: Drums and Rico Lozano: Drums

1989 - 2006 Line up: Formation of the "Folk Rock Revival":

Jerry Burgan: See Above

Debbie Burgan: See Above

Terry Rangno: See Above

Ray Scantlin: See Above

Chris Burgan: See Above

Steve Kidda: A professional drummer for over 30 years.  He began playing with We Five as a veteran of the Rock, Blues, and Country music scene; playing with such diverse musicians as Van Morrison, Dwight Yoakam, Joe Houston, and Stiv Bators to mention a few.  Steve plays with a solid imaginative style blending different influences from his years of experience.  

Glenn Nishida: A fantastic blues guitarist and accomplished recording engineer.

Mike Sandberg: Another great drummer with a winning smile and fantastic time.